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Technology Support

With ongoing computer-based changes in the healthcare field, medical practices are spending more and more of their time and resources on technology, including electronic health records (EHR) systems. Particularly as they increase in complexity, these technology requirements can reduce profitability and distract physicians from serving patients’ medical needs.

Health IT Services & Support

Electronic practice management

PACT MSO provides its members with 24/7 access to a technical support team which provides on-site and remote assistance. PACT MSO technical support includes hardware, software and networking assistance, as well as help with mobile devices and all necessary medical information systems and interfaces. PACT MSO IT services include:

  • System implementation and customization
  • MyChart management
  • Equipment replacements and upgrades
  • Technical support across all hardware, software and networking devices
  • Cross-system interface management
  • Productivity tools and analytics
  • Security risk assessment

Electronic health records services

PACT MSO members also benefit from implementation and training on the Epic EHR system. As one of the leading EHR systems, Epic is easy to use, intuitive, integrated and interoperable. Epic also provides better control over revenue management, billing and collections. And since all PACT divisions use Epic, the system helps ensure seamless information flow for patient records.

These health IT services allow our members to focus on what’s most important – delivering quality care. Our support team, located in PACT headquarters in Branford, Connecticut, possesses strong technical skills, a clear understanding of healthcare practice workflow needs and extensive IT experience.

In addition, by staying ahead of industry changes and anticipating new technical requirements and opportunities, PACT keeps its member practices on the leading edge of the technology curve, allowing members to benefit from technology-based innovation, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance without the commitments of research and training.

As a result of these technology support services, PACT MSO members benefit from more efficient and smoothly run practices where physician work hours are optimized around the medical aspects of the practice.

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