Our Story

Physicians Alliance of Connecticut (PACT) went live in 2013, after five physician groups came together in search of a common goal: to preserve and protect private medical practice in southern Connecticut.

A Different Kind of Medical Practice Management

Back then, we saw that as rising costs and complexity drove more and more physicians away from independent private practices and into employer-physician relationships with large medical systems, something was being lost. Autonomy—and frequently, job satisfaction—were being replaced by bureaucracy and a corporate mindset.

With PACT, we set out to create a third option—one that provides centralized administrative services to allow medical groups to retain independent control of their businesses in a physician-owned and physician-managed multi-specialty group. PACT takes care of business operations so physicians and their offices can focus on providing quality medical care.

A wide range of member advantages

The benefits to our member divisions are extensive. PACT stays ahead of industry changes and anticipates new requirements and opportunities, avoiding regulatory complications and eliminating the time, cost and frustration of running business operations. Instead, PACT brings stability to private medical practices, helping member physicians to maintain or increase business levels in the months and years ahead.

PACT medical practice management services

PACT MSO, a separate and independent medical practice management services organization, provides all PACT members with key operational services including payroll, human resources, provider credentialing, bookkeeping, accounting, legal support, coding and compliance reviews, revenue cycle management, budgeting assistance, feasibility studies and training opportunities.

More member benefits

Our members also benefit from implementation and training on the NextGen electronic health records system, discounted group rates on malpractice insurance, and increased purchasing power from economies of scale. In addition, faced with dwindling reimbursement for fee-for-service, our size and emphasis on information technology allows PACT members to participate in value-based agreements and shared-savings programs, thereby protecting their clinical income as alternative payment models become established. Lastly, PACT members benefit from diverse income streams such as shared ancillary service revenue and profits from optional equity investment in PACT MSO.

An equal voice

As a physician-owned and managed business, PACT not only allows physicians to run their own practices, it gives them a say in how PACT is run. Every member has an equal voice, and each division is represented on the PACT Board of Directors.

Looking ahead: our growth plans

After several years of planning PACT and further time spent refining our processes, PACT is looking to expand its membership levels to increase economies of scale, ensure the organization’s longevity, and solidify its already strong business model. Our goal is controlled and limited growth while remaining nimble enough to maintain an exceptional level of service to our members and anticipate industry changes and opportunities.

Recent expansion has included the PACT Lab, in partnership with Quest Diagnostics. Our future plans call for additional ancillary services, with continued expansion of our primary care base and additional specialist divisions. Our new members will enjoy what current PACT members now take for granted: the independence of a private practice with the advantages and support of a large medical group.

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