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About PACT

A multi-specialty medical group for Connecticut private practices

Physicians Alliance of Connecticut (PACT) is a multi-specialty medical group that is led and operated by over 30 physician partners and more than 100 healthcare providers. We are committed to excellence, innovation, safety and quality in private-practice patient care in southern Connecticut.

By taking care of business operations so that our members can concentrate on patient care, PACT is preserving and strengthening private medical practice in the greater New Haven area. Each PACT member is given an equal voice and each practice is given as much autonomy as allowed by the law. By becoming a “division” of PACT, our member practices retain their autonomy while sharing in the numerous benefits of a multi-specialty group. Extensive management services are provided for all PACT members through our sister organization, PACT Management Service Organization (PACT MSO).

In short, PACT and PACT MSO were created to preserve and grow independent private practices, allowing physicians the time they need to provide high-quality, cost-effective care  to their patients.

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