Why Join PACT

For several years, financial and regulatory changes have converged to jeopardize the existence of private, independent practices. At PACT, we see continued value in private medical practices, both to patients in terms of a more personal experience and to physicians in terms of work fulfillment and quality of life.

This is why PACT was established in 2013: to rebuild and preserve private medical practice in Connecticut. Our alliance is a multi-service physician group in which every member has a voice and each division is given as much autonomy as allowed by the law. The results can be seen in financial benefits, increased efficiency and time savings, and ultimately an improved work/life balance.

Practice Management Benefits include:


Embrace independence

The PACT Operating agreement has endowed each division with as much decision-making authority as allowed by applicable law.

Financial benefits

Keep your practice viable & lucrative

As a PACT member, benefit from a wide variety of services that can support your bottom line.

Quality of life

Focus on what you do best

Every time providers adapt to new requirements, the rules change.  PACT proactively manages new regulations so physicians can focus on what they do best – patient care.

Efficiency & time savings

Increase Productivity

With PACT, business management tasks that occupy your mind and time are handled for you.  This frees you up to see more patients and spend more time with them.

Technology support

Access technical support 24/7 – 365

With ongoing computer-based changes in the healthcare field, medical practices are spending more and more of their time and resources on technology, including electronic health records (EHR) systems. Particularly as they increase in complexity, these technology requirements can reduce profitability and distract physicians from serving patients’ medical needs.