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Quality of Life

What can we say about the advantages of being your own boss that hasn’t been said already?

The advantages of practice autonomy

It’s certainly an important issue for PACT members, who are able to maintain their own divisions and management styles through membership in our service alliance. Our providers rely on PACT MSO to manage administrative functions and to facilitate adaptation in a constantly changing industry.

Compared to working as an employee of a large healthcare system, PACT medical group membership reduces red tape and eliminates overbearing, administrative oversight. PACT anticipates and proactively meets the demands of new industry rules to keep medical practices running smoothly. And not only does PACT make it easier for physician practices to remain autonomous, it helps practitioners take advantage of advances in technology and medical business methodologies.

A renewed focus on patients

Because PACT handles the day-to-day business of running medical practices, our members are better able to focus on what they do best: patient care. With less to worry about, our members enjoy greater independence and fewer worries—key ingredients for an improved quality of life.

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