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HIPAA Organization Assessment

It all starts with an Organization Assessment.

What is an Organization Assessment?

An Organization Assessment is a high-level assessment of your organization’s Technical, Administrative and Physical vulnerabilities and possible deficiencies.

An Organization Assessment is the foundation required to understand which vulnerabilities exist and need to be remediated. When your Organization Assessment is completed you will receive your risk score, detailed list of vulnerabilities identified and the corrective action plan (CAP).

Why do I need an Organization Assessment?

As required by HHS and the Office for Civil Rights, conducting a security risk assessment is required to be completed by Covered Entities and Business Associates. The first step in assessing your organization’s needs and identifying if you’ve properly conducted a security risk assessment and remediation plan begins with an Organization Assessment.

The HIPAA Organization Assessment makes it easy to identify vulnerabilities within your company and remediate them before they become a problem.

You will…

Have access to advanced reports that can be used by your company’s inside/outside IT to make remediating vulnerabilities a breeze…

…and save time and money identifying what’s working (non-vulnerabilities) and what’s not working (vulnerabilities).

Get started today with your $199 Organization Assessment!

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