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HIPAA Compliance

We believe HIPAA compliance is a requirement necessary to safeguard your personal, private information. Organizations can excel in health care without the struggle of compliance requirements. How? Through our clean, easy to understand Program, Portal, & Partnership

No more searching. We cover all of HIPAA

  • Service levels, Live Compliance offers Self Serve, Value Add and ZealousCARE service levels as well as a la carte custom solutions to fit all size organizations
  • We perform your Organization Assessment to accurately determine the next steps you’ll need to take in your compliance program.
  • We perform your Physical, Technical and Administrative Risk Assessments as well as create your corrective action plan and provide remediation and security recommendations.
  • We provide your HIPAA Privacy and Security Training for Workforce members, Security and Compliance Officers, Sales and Interns.
  • We provide your Policies and Procedures and help guide you through customizing them to fit your Organization.
  • We collect your Documentation including Business Associate Agreements, Satisfactory Assurance Questionnaires and more.

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We believe it should be easy for both business associates and covered entities to safely work together.

We offer a free, easy and effective tool for Covered Entities to Find and Recommend Business Associates who are safe HIPAA compliant vendors to work with. NHCVR provides Business Associates the ability to demonstrate their Satisfactory Assurance of HIPAA compliance.