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About PACT

Quality Healthcare In a Private Practice Setting

What is Physicians Alliance of Connecticut (PACT)?

Not very long ago, healthcare was all about taking care of people. Private practices were the usual setting for seeing a doctor. And generally speaking, those doctors emphasized quality of care and putting their patients’ needs first.

Things have changed. In many cases, “health centers” have turned into “profit centers.” Rising costs of doing business have made private practices much less common. What used to be a very personal, honest and lasting connection between physicians and their patients has too often become standardized, distant and “corporate.”

Physicians Alliance of Connecticut (PACT) is a multi-specialty group of private practices that have banded together to maintain a private-practice style of providing healthcare services in the New Haven area. By becoming divisions of PACT, these practices retain and protect their individual cultures and community connections while using shared resources to handle non-medical issues such as billing and technology support.

What PACT means to patients

For new patients, this means that when you choose to see a PACT provider, you’re getting the experienced quality care and service of an independent practitioner group, supported by the resources of a much larger organization. And if your provider chooses to refer you to another PACT practitioner, they will both be using the same health records system, helping to ensure seamless quality of care. In an industry where regulations and technology are constantly changing, we believe it’s the best of both worlds.

For existing patients whose providers have joined PACT, nothing significant will change except non-medical efficiency improvement, a higher level of connection with other carefully chosen divisions, and your billing contact. Other than the PACT name on the paperwork and an eventual change to the practice name, you may not even notice a change. Everything that you’ve become used to ­— your provider’s location, policies, staff, care levels — will stay the same. And with fewer back-office issues to manage, your PACT provider will be able to focus on your medical care rather than on the distractions that come with running a small business.

Professional standards for quality of care

Before being accepted into PACT, private practices go through a rigorous evaluation to make sure they meet our standards for quality of care and professionalism. Our more than 50 Connecticut physician members are committed to private practice environments that emphasize patients’ needs. We are committed to excellence, innovation, safety and quality for our patients.

Health programs and services

PACT currently includes five divisions covering multiple specialties, with a core focus on primary care providers. Our divisions are: internal medicine, gastroenterology (care and treatment of the stomach, intestines and liver), general surgery and nephrology (kidney care and treatment). Other divisions may be selectively added as more local private practices seek the benefits of our physician alliance.

A growing suite of patient services

PACT also offers a laboratory division called PACT Lab, which operates in partnership with Quest Diagnostics. By having these groups under the same organizational umbrella as our five specialty medical divisions, our patients benefit from better communication and coordination of care — hopefully resulting in better care and lower out-of-pocket costs.