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The OPTIFAST® Program is a medically supervised, very low calorie meal replacement for those with a BMI >30 kg/m2 or a BMI >28 kg/m2 with weight-related medical conditions. The nutrition plan is adjusted to your goals and medical needs.

There are three (3) phases to the program:

  • Active Weight Loss Phase
    12 to 16 weeks of total meal replacement
    Patients start by meeting with their medical provider for monitoring and counseling. Patients will also start to consume a diet of nutritionally complete OPTIFAST® full meal replacement products.
  • Transition Phase
    4 to 6 weeks transitioning to a healthy and balanced food-based diet
    Gradually, patients transition back to self-prepared foods while they attend classes to help change their approach to food and alter their long-term lifestyle.
  • Maintenance Phase
    Up to 52 weeks with diet and lifestyle support for weight maintenance
    Patients are encouraged to participate in ongoing support sessions to help maintain their weight loss and manage their long-term weight goals. This phase may also include partial meal replacements.

By engaging in a total meal replacement program, calorie control is simplified while ensuring your nutrition intake is complete.

An equally important component to this program is attendance in weekly support classes. The OPTIFAST® program will help you develop the strategies and behaviors to effectively implement a long-term lifestyle change. You will receive regular counseling on relevant topics such as understanding nutrients, shopping and cooking healthier, eating out, how to stay active, mindful eating, and stress management among others to help you manage your weight long-term.

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