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Building a Career in Gastroenterology with Physicians Alliance of Connecticut

pact gastroenterology

As demand for healthcare providers continues to increase, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported gastroenterology will be among the top fields with the highest predicted provider deficit.

This career choice is one of the top in-demand healthcare jobs in Connecticut and at PACT, our world-class gastroenterology team empowers one another to provide state-of-the-art medical care in a professional, patient-first environment.

About PACT Gastroenterology

A group of dedicated physicians founded PACT Gastroenterology Center to go beyond the “disease-centered” standard of care. This means that at our core, PACT Gastroenterology helps people— rather than simply treat their diseases—with patient interests as the primary focus of the practice.

This mission drives all we do, from routine colonoscopies and procedures to treatments in our private, in-office PACT Infusion Center.

Why Work at PACT Gastroenterology

It’s hard to provide stellar care without a strong core team, which is why we align our values to foster a work environment rich in opportunities, growth, and work-life balance. Regardless of the division you visit, you’ll find a culture centered on teamwork, professionalism, and mutual respect and one that aligns with our core values:


All PACT services, including PACT Gastroenterology, offer comprehensive compensation and benefits packages inclusive of salary, insurance, and paid time off. We strive to provide employees with peace of mind regarding their position, compensation, and benefits.


Whether you’ve been with PACT for one year or 20, there will be opportunities to advance your career. Our extensive network of locations and jobs are growing, providing ample opportunities for change or growth along the way.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance looks different for everyone. At PACT, we value every employee and their individual needs.

That’s why we see continued value in private medical practices, shown to offer a more personalized experience to patients and higher work fulfillment to employees. We strive to create a work culture that allows for balance and positive quality of life— and we’re committed to growing in this area each year.

Quality of Life

If you’re considering a career in gastroenterology, you have the resources and skills to change the lives of patients in need. Additional administrative tasks and other responsibilities can quickly lead to burnout— which is why we implement practice management solutions to handle those so you don’t have to.

To allow our physicians and their offices the opportunity to focus on what they do best, which is providing quality medical care, PACT MSO takes care of all the day-to-day business operations. This allows us to increase efficiency, reduce administrative distractions, and restore autonomy in private practices.


Our greatest asset is our team. We review benefits yearly to ensure we meet the needs of our employees. Some of the many benefits you’ll receive as a PACT employee are:

Time Off

  • PTO – At least 2 weeks after 3 months from the hire date for eligible employees
  • Personal Days – 2 days per calendar year for eligible employees
  • Holidays – 6 national holidays are observed
  • Sick Time – up to 40 hours per year is allotted

Health Benefits

  • Medical – The plan is a low premium/high deductible with a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Health Savings Account – The company contributes funds to your HSA for eligible employees.
  • Dental
  • Vision

Group Insurance

  • Short-term disability – paid by the company
  • Long Term Disability – paid by the company
  • Life insurance – paid by the company
  • Additional Life Insurance and Long Term Disability Insurance


  • 401(k)

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Get to Know Us

If you’re preparing for an interview at PACT or want to learn more, we encourage questions as you get to know us while building a fulfilling career in gastroenterology at PACT.

Frequent questions include:

What is a typical day like as a gastroenterologist at PACT?

While not every day is predictable, some days follow a flexible routine. Our team of gastroenterologists can help give you an idea of what a typical day will look like at PACT.

Who will I be working/collaborating with?

Feel free to ask us about our current team members, where they trained, and who you’ll be working closely with.

Are there opportunities for personal and professional growth within this role?

If growth and development are your goals, we’d love to learn more about it. Ask us about networking opportunities, training, and ways you can grow as a physician and individual at PACT.

How would you describe the PACT’s culture and typical work environments?

At PACT, we pride ourselves on a company culture that fosters a positive quality of life, fulfillment, and balance. If you have questions about our work environment, now is a great time to ask.

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If you’re interested in building a fulfilling career in gastroenterology at PACT, learn more about opportunities to join our team.

Learn More About PACT

Physicians Alliance of Connecticut (PACT) is a multi-specialty medical group led and operated by over 30 physician partners and more than 100 healthcare providers. We pride ourselves on fostering a respectful, professional, and opportunity-rich work environment for all our team members. If you’re a healthcare provider and want to share in the PACT vision of delivering patient-centered and innovative healthcare, apply to one of our open jobs today.