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PACT prides itself on fostering a respectful, professional and opportunity-rich work environment for all our team members. We believe that happy, satisfied employees not only improve the overall quality of our practices, but also the patient experience. If you’re looking for a professional opportunity that directly impacts patients and the health and wellbeing of your community, we encourage you to consider employment in one of our many practice locations.

As an employee of PACT, you’ll find that we provide: 


PACT is a well-established, stable organization, providing employees with peace of mind regarding their position, compensation and benefits. We offer comprehensive compensation and benefits packages inclusive of salary, insurance, and paid time off.


Our workforce is comprised of employees who are just starting out in their careers and those who have been with us for 20+ years. No matter where you are in your career path, working at PACT provides opportunities to advance your career. Our extensive network of locations and job roles easily makes way for new employees and new opportunities.

Work-Life Balance

We see continued value in private medical practices, both to patients in terms of more personal experience and to our employees in terms of work fulfillment and quality of life. Because every employee has a different view of what a healthy work-life balance means to them, we strive to do as much as possible to foster a productive culture that allows for balance.

Core Values

PACT has established and embraced six core values: Excellence, Ownership, Trust, Teamwork, Communication and Stability. Whether working in a team on a project or as an individual contributor, these values are demonstrated every day and have led to a successful company.

Working here, whether as a provider or staff member, employees are valued and impactful.