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Category: Primary Care Physician

Internal Medicine vs Primary Care Provider: Your Options in Guilford, CT

guilford internal medicine ct

As a patient, you may wonder why you should care about the difference between Internal Medicine and Primary Care providers (PCPs) when seeking medical care. Understanding these distinctions can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare and ensure that you receive the most appropriate and comprehensive care for your specific needs.

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Preventative Care Provided by Milford CT’s Best Primary Care Doctors

Rheumatologist vs Endocrinologist CT

When it comes to health, preventative care is the cornerstone to overall wellness. Unfortunately though, less than 10 percent of American adults 35 and older receive the preventive health services recommended to them. Staying on top of recommendations and potentially improving your health outcomes is simpler than you might think— and it starts with finding a Connecticut… Read More

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Finding the Best Primary Care Doctor in CT: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Primary Care Providers in Connecticut

By: Physicians Alliance of Connecticut Whether you just moved to Connecticut, recently changed health insurance, or looking to switch primary care providers (PCP), sifting through all the available options in your area can be overwhelming. To find the best primary care doctor in CT for you, knowing what to look for and questions to ask… Read More

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How to Find a PCP in Connecticut: 5 Tips

How to Find a PCP in Connecticut

The Centers for Disease Control states that approximately six in ten adults in the U.S. are living with a chronic disease and four in ten adults have two or more chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The key to treating chronic disease is to detect it early; early detection and treatment usually lead… Read More

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5 Types of Primary Care Doctors in CT

5 Types of Primary Care Doctors in CT

By: Physicians Alliance of Connecticut Finding the right primary care doctor is an important part of staying healthy. Your primary care doctor is usually your first call when you are experiencing a health issue and they also serve as the main point of contact for other members of your healthcare team.  If you are new… Read More

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Flu Season in CT for 2023: Here’s What the Experts are Predicting

flu in Connecticut

Flu season is upon us once again. Combined with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a surge of RSV cases in children, the U.S. could be facing what some experts are calling a “tripledemic.” That means a lot more people may be getting sick this year than they have in previous years.

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6 Tips for Developing Good Bedside Manner

good beside manner

Medicine is changing quickly, but one thing has always been true: when doctors deliver compassionate, patient-focused care with excellent bedside manner, patients have better outcomes. While medicine is evidence-based, complete patient care also involves skills that encourage trust, compliance, and a positive view of health in patients. There is no universal method of teaching bedside… Read More

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5 Health Screenings for Women that Your Primary Care Provider Performs

5 Health Screenings for Women

If you’re a woman who has recently visited the doctor or has a doctor’s appointment coming up, you’re probably familiar with the concept of health screenings. Health screenings are tests that doctors perform to proactively check for diseases and illnesses before the patient shows any signs or symptoms. This can be beneficial for early treatment… Read More

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4 Tips for How to Choose a Medical Specialty that is Right for You

How to Choose a Medical Specialty

At some point during your journey as a health practitioner, you’ll face the choice between general medicine or going down a different route into a specialty field. While your options are vast, the choice isn’t always simple. The specialty you choose has a profound impact on your future career and daily responsibilities. If you find… Read More

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40 is the New 50: What New Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines Mean for You

colon cancer in CT

40 is the New 50: What New Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines Mean to You Colon cancer screening is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle and can be lifesaving. Colorectal cancer, worldwide, is the second leading cause of cancer death, according to Cancer.Net. There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to health screenings;… Read More

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