Health Programs & Services

An extensive but growing variety of medical practices

Located in New Haven County, Connecticut, PACT’s current members comprise five divisions covering multiple specialties: internal medicine, gastroenterology, general surgery and nephrology. While we remain committed to Primary Care as the core of our group, we are seeking to grow and diversify to ensure the long-term strength of our practice.

A better continuation of hospital care

PACT’s Hospitalist division was created to serve as a bridge for private practice community patients after their hospital stay. Minimizing duplication of diagnostic testing, canceling unnecessary admissions, ensuring appropriate referrals and scheduling timely post-hospital visits after discharge are just some of the benefits being realized by patients in the PACT Hospitalist service. We believe that increased communication with community physicians will lead to better outcomes and reduced costs for our patients as well as the health care system. Our experienced career Hospitalists are committed to inpatient medical care and support, and to helping patients and physicians navigate the conflicting care plans that often occur during transitions of care.

A growing suite of health services in Connecticut

PACT members also benefit from the PACT Lab, which operates in partnership with Quest Diagnostics in Connecticut. In addition, all PACT members are all on the NextGen Electronic Health Record system, with implementation, training and support provided by PACT MSO. PACT plans to add additional ancillary services to continue to add value and revenue opportunities for PACT members.

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