Committment to Quality

PACT divisions all have their own personalities and styles, but one thing they all have in common is their commitment to quality healthcare. This commitment affects every aspect of our work, from modern equipment to compliance with the latest regulatory requirements to simply giving our patients the time and attention they need.

What does “quality healthcare” mean?

Any physician or physician group can claim to offer quality healthcare services, but what does this term really mean?

At PACT, it means that our patients can expect the following six characteristics of care:

Safety. Patient safety is fundamental to quality healthcare. This means that care is taken to “do no harm” and to minimize the chance of an error that can harm patients. This extends to communication between providers and paying attention to patient records and symptoms.

Effectiveness and reliability. This means that patients only receive care and advice that can be reasonably expected to help them, and that the benefits of care outweigh the risks.

Patient-centeredness. Being patient-centered means focusing on the patient’s experience of healthcare and illness. This includes showing respect for the patient’s values and preferences, providing accurate information in a way that patients can understand, and providing emotional support, relief from unnecessary discomfort, and accommodating family and friends without interfering with patient care.

Timeliness. High-quality healthcare practices run smoothly, minimizing the long waits that can delay diagnosis or treatment and cause frustration, distress and healthcare complications.

Efficiency. An efficient healthcare system provides patients with the best value for the money spent. An efficient healthcare practice maintains and utilizes accurate and accessible records, avoids duplication of tests and procedures, maintains and upgrades systems and equipment, and matches patient needs with available resources.

Fairness. All patients should be treated fairly and receive the same standard of care, regardless of personal characteristics such as age, race, income, gender, education, disability or sexual orientation.

Quality Healthcare Services: A goal of satisfaction, trust and confidence

By adhering to these characteristics of care and continuously seeking to improve quality, PACT is able to provide a high level of patient satisfaction. And by following these guidelines, PACT helps to strengthen patient-physician relationships that are based on faith, trust and confidence.

Patient Surveying

Why we survey
To ensure we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards and improve our quality of care we measure different aspects of our patient’s experience. Physicians Alliance of Connecticut has partnered with Press Ganey, a recognized leader in patient satisfaction surveys. Patients are randomly invited to complete a survey either by mail or email to provide us feedback about their care. We welcome all feedback and it is a very important aspect to our commitment to provide patient centered care.

Do we post comments?
We may post comments on our website or within our office locations. All patient comments are posted anonymously, and any personal identifiable information within a comment is removed prior to posting. We do not post comments that are libelous, slanderous, profane, offensive, irrelevant, inappropriate or any that may risk the privacy of our patients.